A Befitting Name

Semeiology- The study of Notes


Minor typos

I was re-reading some of the text files I wrote and it came to my attention that there were some minor typos. If anyone notices these in the .pdfs, i apologize. I’m a very fast typist and I sometimes make mistakes that I don’t catch as a result


If you want copies of what I’ve written, email me. Put the name of whatever you want a .pdf copy of in the subject line. It may take a while for me to respond and I apologize in advance for that.

-note, if spam starts becoming a problem for me I will stop sending copies of my writings by email, and I’ll probably end up making a post about it-

More Ideas

I’ve written down more of the things I have come to believe since I started this blog. Like I said on the about page, I know some of you won’t agree with me but I really don’t care, I’ll continue to say what I believe in and what I think would be best for the communities all over the world. Maybe someday others will see that I may be right, and maybe those others will expand upon what I have written soon.

Should you readers agree and wish to take what has been written and expand upon them in accordance to what’s been written, share what you have done and inform others.

Hello world!

Welcome, this is where I will be posting A Number Of Notes, which is exactly that- a number of notes that I have written regarding several various things and why they are important. I will be transferring my initial series from an original text file up to here.

As of now this is just another wordpress site belonging to another person hoping to share what they think with the world. Be prepared for some rather wordy posts, luckily not all of them, I’m good at being to the point a lot of the time